Hunters, horse shows and photography.Central West Trillium. Tucker "Ever So Clever", my Children's Hunter and A Equitation horse.

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"The relationship between horse and rider is closer than any two beings, even if you’re married. When a horse gets tentative, you don’t get tentative. That’s the kiss of death. You get positive."  - George Morris 
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Showpark 2013
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Junior Hunter Finals 2014

Every time I ride in my saddle I wonder why I never bought Jin stirrups earlier.

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can i have that horse now pls 
Anonymous said: any advice? I can do no stirrups and jump no problem, however as soon as I use stirrups over fences me leg slides back! I don't understand why, and my horse is not very forgiving so he gets pissed at me and starts bucking lol. do you have ideas what I could do? maybe I do need more leg muscle, but I don't think that's it :(

You might be putting your weight into the balls of your feet rather than your heel when you pick up your stirrups!

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Landing (click for full resolution)
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Pauly USEF Medal Finals 2014
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Nicole Schultz Photography 2014   Blog  Facebook
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Sunny Autumn Ride by Amy.Equine on Flickr.
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Sophie Simpson, 2014 Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals.
Source: The Chronicle
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Bleh… I feel like the editing on this turned out a little weirdly. Oh well.
Summer ‘13
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Devon Fall Classic 2014